All you need to get grouting



Highest quality

Atlas Copco grouting products are of the highest quality, delivering top level performance to your equipment and working site.


Hight tech grouting starts with high quality cement mixing

Cemix is a high speed and high shear mixer of collodial type which grants a superior quality in your grout. It is prepared for advanced admixtures and with Cemix you will always have grout available.


Efficient and versatile power units

Our fully hydraulic power units, with electrical or diesel drive, can assist you at any time.


At the heart of the system

Pumpac is the most modern grout pump in Atlas Copco range. Pumpac featurs a robust design, based on a single cylinder, double acting piston.


Computer based recording system

The Atlas Copco Logac system is a computerised logging system for sampling and storing of data during grouting or similar operations.



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