Mustang geotechnical drilling rigs - designed for productivity


The Mustang rigs are based upon the vast knowledge and expertise that Atlas Copco has built up over years in underground and surface drilling. The Mustang range is the range of drilling rigs that can provide maximum productivity not only for the drilling operation itself, but for the ownership as a whole.  


The rigs are dedicated to the job they are assigned to do. With a robust design, where each component does what it is intended for, the rig is reliable and very service friendly. This means not only high utilization, but also lower cost for service and maintenance. 


Foundation drilling

A Mustang rig combined with self-drilling anchors can offer a winning reinforcement solution for these conditions.



Slope stabilization

When a job requires slope stabilization of infrastructure such as roads or dams, the Mustang is the most cost-efficient drilling rig.


Drilling for grouting

When drilling grout holes Mustang rigs can provide rotary drilling or percussive drilling, the most common methods.


Geotechnical investigation

Know your ground conditions! Mustang provides both core drilling and RC drilling when investigating the soil.



Well drilling

Mustang offers a drilling solution for low access areas and manages to drill without destroying surrounded area.

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